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Bravest of Them All
Title: Bravest of Them All
Fandom: Super Smash Bros.
Rating: T
Genre: Tragedy
Summary: It happened so suddenly. At first, Mario was fine: happy and cheerful. Now he's gone from this world. At the funeral, Bowser gives a eulogy about how he felt about his arch-nemesis. And it was a eulogy that no one expected. Dedicated to Satoru Iwata. Idea by Paradigm of Writing. Character death.
Pairings: None
A/N: Yeah…I heard of the news yesterday…I'm so heartbroken. So I tried to brainstorm for a story in dedication to the late Iwata, and Paradigm of Writing gave me this idea. Credit goes to PoW for it! So here it is…
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in the SSB fandom.
Bravest of Them All
It happened so suddenly. At first, Mario was fine; he was happy and cheerful, always bringing a smile to everyone's faces in the Smash Mansion. Now he was gone from this world from an unk
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 2
Just a Fighting Machine Ch. 2
Chapter 2
The next day, I was finally able to move around again, and I left what could be considered the Smash Hospital, as the short humans had called it. Greninja had watched over me all day yesterday, making sure that "I don't do any funny business". We had heated discussions about the most trivial things, which had been quite amusing; despite being a Water type, Greninja sure was a hot head.
When I entered what could be the Smash Mansion, I realized how huge it was. There were many hallways, with doors on either side of me. Each of them had names engraved in them, most of which I had no idea who they were. The walls were made of brown wood, and the ceiling was also brown. The white, carpeted floor contrasted with the brown surroundings. There was the smell of logs in the air; it felt like I was in a cabin, camping.
I walked towards a large, empty room, and there were three familiar faces there, chatting: the red-headed swordsman, the small, electric mouse, and the younger ve
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 2 0
Just a Fighting Machine Ch. 1
Chapter 1
I had no idea how long I was asleep… it felt like days—years even! When I was regaining consciousness, however, I heard voices.
"M-Mario? Are you sure this is a good idea to bring him here?" One voice asked.
"Of course, Luigi. We couldn't leave him there to rot." I heard another voice.
I slowly opened my eyes, and I saw a bright light hitting me. I quickly closed my eyes, but after a few seconds, I slowly opened them again.
There were two short humans with strange noses looking over me.
…Who are they? They look so familiar…
"Ah!" The shorter human smiled down at me. "I see you're awake now, Mewtwo!"
Mewtwo? That's my name?
Another human, somewhat taller than the other, shook and smiled weakly. "H-hi…"
"Where—where am I?" I asked, looking around the area. It seemed familiar—but I can't think of what it was called.
"You're in the Smash Mansion." The shorter human smiled. "You were trophified in the Tabuu battle. Are
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 2 0
Just a Fighting Machine Prologue
All I remember…
I can only vaguely remember what I am. I was just a fighting machine, out to kill—destroy—defeat… That is all I know about me however. What purpose do I have other than fighting?
I don't remember how I was created besides why I was made… however, there was one thing—ONE thing—that I remember:
That monstrosity… whatever it was, it was powerful to kill hundreds, thousands of people and Pokémon.
I remembered that I had captured three of the Smashers to sacrifice them for this Tabuu.
One that was a red-headed swordsman who used a flaming sword, another a small, electric mouse that is comparable to a baby, and the younger version of the Hero of Time.
I had turned them into trophies, and I had brought them to this being.
Upon coming up to the strange being, it congratulated me. I never expected a pat on the back nor a reward for my efforts; it was my purpose after all to defeat those who oppose me.
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 0
When the Rain Stops Prologue
Title: When the Rain Stops
Fandom: Super Smash Bros.
Rating: T
Genre: Adventure/Family
Summary: Marth and Roy adopted two young children, a boy and a girl, and lived happily in Altea… that was, until a war broke out, forcing the two parents to get in the war… they were presumed dead, and it’s up to the two children to find them. OCs, Marth x Roy.
Pairings: Marth x Roy
A/N: I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, and after some research, I finally decided to write it. Hope you guys like it!
Disclaimer: I don’t own anyone in the Fire Emblem/SSB fandom except for Queen Darker, Anri (the child), and Sophie.
Small footsteps were heard in the halls of the castle. A little girl with brown hair tied in pigtails was running through the hallways, looking for someone. Her skirt bounced as she ran.
“Daddies? Little brother?” She called, st
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 2 0
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anyone. EVER!
One day in Smashville, everyone ate weird crap. Then, hell broke loose.
Captain Falcon boob-searching.
Marth and Roy having HARDCORE SEX.
Moans and more moans.
Ike eating drugged chicken with Cookie Monster.
Shulk and Lucina on a “date” instead of saving their futures.
“Hey baby, wanna hang out?” Shulk flirted.
“Oh YES!”
Lucas was fired as an apprentice because his snake friend ate Meta Knight.
Sonic was eating Sonic’s while riding the SMASH HYPE TRAIN.
“...Where’s Dawn?”
Meanwhile in Canada
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 2
M x R 100 Theme Challenge: 23. Thunder
A/N: Long time no see fans! I am SO sorry for not writing this for so long! D: Real life hit me HARD this year; deaths in the family, college... but I'll be writing more of Marth x Roy now that I have my muse back :)
23. Thunder
Nine-year-old Marth watched the rain at the window with his best friend, seven-year-old Roy. Although the rain was quite relaxing to the young prince… the thunder was a different story. He shook slightly when lightning flashed, and as soon as the thunder roared, he squeaked and hid underneath the covers.
Roy, on the other hand, watched the rain and thunder, mesmerized. His eyes grew wide with joy as the lightning flashed, and the thunder booming.
When he heard the squeak from Marth, though, he turned to him. "Marth? What's the matter?" He asked, tilting his head.
Marth shook slightly, scared. "Th-the thunder… it's scary…" He mumbled, whimpe
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 2 0
M x R 100 Theme Challenge: 22. Comfort
Another theme by me!
This takes place after "Bait", so if you have no idea what happened, please look at that story first. Thank you :)

22. Comfort
Marth lowered himself to sit near the edge of the cliff, the endless sky of rolling clouds, and the restless sea before him both beautiful and serene. He stretched out his arms and inhaled a long breath of the green fresh grass and salt air, and for a moment, he felt as if he could fly.
He lowered his arms, the moment broken as he remembered that he'd come to that place of beauty seeking refuge, the land's king kind enough to allow him to stay as long as he needed. The two years since he'd foiled Roy's abductors had taken their toll. Kingdom reduced to ruins, father gone, sister missing ... could he still consider himself a prince at all?
He remembered the screams from the castle as Gra's men stabbed his guards. At only fifteen, h
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 0
Pit x NiGHTS Dump #1
“Hey, Pit! Catch!”
Pit turned and he froze. A large, purple vegetable was flying straight to him. Flashbacks appeared in his head…
“GET IT AWAY FROM ME!” He screamed, dodging the eggplant and he jumped up so high he held on to the chandelier. He shook, sweat beading his face as his breath was caught.
NiGHTS, who threw the eggplant at him, was quite confused. “Pit?” She asked, flying up to the ceiling to meet him. It was quite funny though; Pit? Scared of an eggplant of all things?
“Th-that thing… it’s evil! EVIL I TELL YOU!” He screamed, shaking.
All right, that was hilarious. EVIL eggplants? NiGHTS couldn’t help but laugh.
“NOT FUNNY NIGHTS!” Pit yelled.
“Oh come on…” NiGHTS giggled, flying back to the ground and grabbing the br
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 0 0
NiGHTS in Skyworld REWRITTEN Ch. 1
Pit was jolted awake, and he quickly got up. He glanced around, finding himself in a black void. Getting up from the "ground", he called out, "Uh… Pittoo? Lady Palutena? Anyone there?"
He jumped when he heard a voice.
"Pit…" It called, "Soon… someone will come… a new adventure awaits as soon as she comes to your world."
"Huh?" Pit tilted his head in confusion. "What do you mean? Who are you?"
The voice said nothing… and Pit felt something hitting his head.
"…ey! Pit-stain! Get up!" A familiar voice called.

"OW!" Pit got up when he felt the soft pillow hitting his head. He shook his head, and he looked up to see Dark Pit, lovingly nicknamed Pittoo, holding the pillow.
"Oh… what's the matter, Pittoo?" He asked, rubbing his head where Pittoo had hit him.
"For the LAST time, I am NOT Pittoo!" Dark Pit shouted, "Now, get your butt up; we're late for breakfast!" He gave him a scowl.
"Well… you could've j
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 0 0
Changing Fate Together Ch. 6
"LET ME OUT!" Shulk cried as he punched the purple crystal trapping him. Only a few moments ago, he was captured by Ganondorf, and upon being brought here, Ganondorf trapped him in this very crystal. Currently, he was trying to find a way to escape.
There was nothing he could find, however, and he sat down, sighing.
"You have the boy secured?" A familiar, dark voice asked someone.
"Yes, master." Shulk recognized the other voice as Ganondorf.
Then, a large hand appeared in front of him. Recognizing him, he growled, "Master Hand! What do you want from me?!"
The hand just chuckled. "Oh, nothing … from you, anyway …"
Shulk growled. "Then why even bother capturing me?!"
"Well, as you can see, Shulk," He turned to face Shulk, getting closer to the crystal, which made the boy a bit nervous.
"I want you to draw someone to me … as by someone, I mean, that girl you have a crush on."
Shulk's eyes widened. Lucina …
"What do you want from her?!" He growled, "If you're
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 1
Changing Fate Together Ch. 5
The first match Lucina will take won't begin until after breakfast, so she spent time eating breakfast with Shulk.
The two surprisingly had in common: both can see the future (though Lucina travels from the future), they lost someone close, and they both used swords. She learned (to her amusement) that Shulk is more of a bookworm, usually staying in his room and reading. She never saw him as someone who reads often, so it was surprising and amusing.
After learning a bit more about each other, Shulk asked, "So are you ready to fight Ganondorf?"
Lucina nodded, taking a sip of her orange juice. "Of course. Training with you motivated me to do my best."
"That's great!" Shulk smiled, taking a bite of his toast. "I'll be watching though. So good luck on the match."
Lucina blushed madly. Of course, the prize is about 250 coins, but if she lost in front of the boy that she might like, she'll be embarrassed and ashamed of herself.
"Well, I'll see you at the Smash room." Lucina said, getting up.
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 0
Changing Fate Together Ch. 4
Footsteps were heard from the Smash hallway as Lucina walked. It was another day, or to her, her second day living in the Smash Mansion. So far, it was … interesting. Not only was she able to meet the Hero-King, but also some new faces. The technology was also much better than where she was, like what Shulk had said.
Speaking of Shulk … she was looking for his room, and she found the door where his room was. Her legs shook, and her mouth was dry. However, she shook her head to get rid of the nervous thoughts. She wasn't approaching any death or doom; she was just approaching a harmless door, with a harmless boy inside.
With anticipation, she knocked on the door. A voice was heard behind it.
"Who is it?" It called. She recognized Shulk's deep voice.
"It's me, Lucina," Lucina called, "can I come in?"
Lucina sighed, and she gingerly opened the door, looking inside before she went in. There were two beds, which tipped her off that he had a roommate. His side of the room
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 0
Changing Fate Together Ch. 3
In Final Destination …
Two large gloved hands watched the scene unfold via a Smash Ball; Lucina meeting Shulk for the first time. The right hand, Master Hand, rubbed his two fingers together, as if he was thinking.
"Hmm … a newcomer? She seems … fascinating."
The left hand, Crazy Hand, looked down at the ball. "She seems to have a crush on that boy that defeated us a few days ago …"
A burly man with red hair and dark clothing watched the two discussing about the newcomer. Frowning, he said, "So … more new blood to taste?"
Master Hand shook as a way to nod. "Yes. I want to see how she fares in battle …"
"Leave it to me, Master Hand. I will challenge her."
"Good, good. Then tomorrow, you will send the invitation to her. I will watch the fight and see if she is worthy enough to fight me …"
That night …
Lucina twisted and turned in her bed, grunting. It was happening again … that nightmare wh
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 1 0
Changing Fate Together Ch. 2
Lucina turned as she began working on her hair, brushing it and placing a tiara on her head. She stared at Robin, her mother.
"Yes, Mother?"
"I have some good news." Robin smiled widely. Lucina stared at her, her brow furrowed.
"What is it?"
"We got invitations from someone." She handed her a yellow envelope with a strange sphere sticker attached to it. The sphere glowed brightly, and Lucina couldn't help but stare in awe.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Robin said, "Open it!"
Lucina placed her finger under the seal, and broke it off quickly. Opening the envelope, she took out a note. The handwriting was … perfect. No handwriting, no cursive … it was something Lucina had never saw before. It was decorated with the same sphere the envelope had.
To Lucina and Robin Lowell:
Congratulations! You two are invited to the world of Smash Bros.! Meet the legendary video game icons, make new friends, fight, and hone your skills overall! If you're willing to come, go to
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 4 0
Changing Fate Together Ch. 1
"LAURENT!" Lucina cried as the young man rode his horse into battle, his tomes opened. It was yet another fight against the damned Risen, but this time … Lucina and Laurent were far away from camp. No army to protect them … no healers to help them … it was just them. All alone …
"Laurent! Please! You'll get yourself killed!" Lucina cried, chasing after Laurent and his horse. However, he was not listening to her.
"I'm sorry, Lucina … but I have to protect you. That is my duty." He called, chanting a spell and sending out flames from his hand, killing one of the Risen.
"But it's also MY job to protect you! Please, Laurent! Don't do anything stupid!" Lucina sobbed, stabbing another Risen that tried to sneak up behind her.
Laurent dodged an arrow shot by a Sniper Risen, and he chanted another spell, sending an Arcthunder at the Sniper.
"Laurent! PLEASE! Stay back!" Lucina cried.
However, it was too late … a Sniper Risen hidden from the shadows shot an
:icongamegeek95:GameGeek95 4 0


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I've never heard of this show, but by the looks of it, it looks interesting! I love the poses on the girls, and the background is aweso...

Hehe, good old Carnage... him and his crazy tongue action (if you know what I mean... XP) I love how there's a square around him. And I...

Now this is very pretty! I love the expressions on the characters' faces. The male character looks like he's serving what appeared to b...

Wow... this is very colorful and beautiful! Definitely caught my eye! I love the expression on the girl's face. I also love how some of...

Now this is an even better portrait to be honest! I love how the eyes look and the hair is once again drawn great! Very wavy once again...

This is a very beautiful portrait! I love how wavy the hair looks, and her eyes look nice! Even without color, this makes a very fine p...


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Thanks! I LOVE it :D Definitely using this for my story! :)
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And the story title, you want that on there too, right? Do you want me to put "By GameGeek95" or "By Dawn" on there, too?
GameGeek95 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yup. You can put it "By Writer of Worlds", my name :)
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EpikalStorms Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you sure it's Genesect? Cuz I could have sworn you'd asked for some other G name O.o
Just making sure
GameGeek95 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, it's Genesect. :)
EpikalStorms Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! Thank you thank you! I'm gonna start on it now~

Is it okay if Mewtwo is colored, and then the fighting ones are colored red and the smirking guy is colored green or a different color, or do you want him colored too?
GameGeek95 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome :D

Yeah, Mewtwo being colored is fine. And the fighting ones are red and the smirking guy is colored too :)
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